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About Us

About Teeny Tales

Teeny Tales are 30-45 minute story sessions for 0-3 year olds. We aim to foster an early love of stories and provide a beautiful bonding experience for parent and child. Each story is accompanied by a range of stimuli mapped to the children's developmental stage and linked to the Early Years framework.

Although stories will always be our focus, we try to offer a little of everything as we know money doesn't always stretch to lots of different types of classes.  One week we might be dressing up as forest creatures for The  Gruffalo and another might involve making our very own Hungry Caterpillar paintings! Whether it's sign, music, dancing, crafts or sensory play, we'll use whatever helps our story come alive. 

And bubbles.  There'll always be bubbles!

Why Teeny Tales?

Teeny Tales will help to:

  • foster an early love of stories
  • develop language skills
  • provide a bonding experience for parent and child
  • promote social skills and make friends - that's parents as well as little ones!
  • stimulate imagination
  • develop motor skills

Plus our class sizes are kept small to allow us to get to know you better.

Don't be shy!

When you're a parent, we know it can sometimes be difficult to get dressed in the mornings, let alone face leaving the house.  At Teeny Tales, classes are friendly and relaxed so if your baby cries or needs to feed or if you bustle in a bit late it's all fine.  Also, if your child has any allergies or additional needs please get in touch to see how we can help to make the classes accessible for them - we want everyone to enjoy the magic of stories.

Our people


Hello! I'm Emma, owner and session leader here at Teeny Tales. I love stories and I love little people. I believe there's nothing quite like a well-told story to engage children and inspire their imaginations. 

I'm an English teacher with twenty years' experience and have worked in both primary and secondary schools. I have a Masters degree in education from Cambridge University and my research thesis focused on children's critical and creative thinking skills. It was fascinating to discover the things that best foster these skills and my findings underpin what we do here at Teeny Tales.